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Vincenzo Fazzalari
Vincenzo FazzalariSon, Husband, Father, Grandfather
Born in San Giorgio Morgeto, Reggio Calabria on March 7, 1929
Passed away in Welland, Ontario on October 22, 2013
Married to Maria Donata Tummolo on August 31, 1958
Giuseppina Tropea
Giuseppina TropeaDaughter, Wife, Mother Grandmother
Born in Sambiase Italy on July 16, 1941
Passed away in Niagara Falls, ON
Married to Domenico Tropea on July 4, 1966
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Our Loved Ones

Amedeo Santini
Amedeo SantiniSon, Husband, Father, Grandfather
Born in Casalbordino, Chieti  Italia on Sept. 27, 1935
Passed away in Niagara Falls, ON on June 15, 1994
Married to Francesca Maria Pellicano on January 31, 1970
Maurice Soong
Maurice SoongSon, Husband, Father, Grandfather
Born in Long Guan, Shenzhen, China on Aug. 17, 1935
Passed away in San Fernando, Trinidad on Februrary 5, 2014
Married to Brenda Law on February 22, 1958
Amadeo Navarroli
Amadeo NavarroliSon, Husband, Father, Grandfather
Born in Prezza, Italy on May 9, 1918
Passed away in Niagara Falls, NY on June 10, 2010
Married to Edith on September 05


Jacqueline Veilleux
Jacqueline VeilleuxProfesseur
Lieu de naissance : Saint-Léonard-d’Aston,
Québec, 20 février 1952
Lieu de décès : Sherbrooke,
Québec, 20 mai 2015
Brenda Seca
Brenda SecaDaughter, Sister
Born in Port Colborne, ON on Jan 31, 1975
Passed away in St. Catharines, ON on October 6, 2003
Loving Daughter of Umberto and Teresa Seca
Domenico Scarpino
Domenico ScarpinoMarito, Imprenditore
Nato il 14 Novembre 1931 a San Biase,
Deceduto il 29 Gennanio 2015 a Hamilton, ON
Married to Giovannina Scarpino on July 13, 1958
Vindra Singh
Vindra SinghDaughter
Born in Brampton, ON on Oct. 24, 1937
Passed away in Brampton, ON on July 15, 2010
Married to Erwin Bangwhagsingh on January 19, 1956
Bob Kaster
Bob KasterPhotographer
Born in Long Beach, CA on Aug. 8, 1945
Passed away in Tuscon, AZ on July 5, 2014
Married to Sandra Lee on January 19, 1967


Pamela Samprona
Pamela SampronaDaughter, Wife, Mother
Born in Smith Falls, VA on Feb. 11, 1960
Passed away in Tuscon, AZ on July 5, 2011
Married to Victor Humphrey on January 19, 1978


Victoria Bach
Victoria BachDaughter, Wife
Born in Livingston, CO on July. 2, 1935
Passed away in Livingston, CO on April 22, 2009
Married to Wilson Lee on January 19, 1952


Domenic Rao
Domenic RaoSon, Husband, Father, Grandfather
Born in San Giorgio, Morgeto, Italy on Feb. 28, 1925
Passed away in Welland, On on May 1, 2015
Married to Maria (Albano)
Samuel Cole
Samuel ColeSon, Father
Born in Toronto, ON on Aug. 8, 1931
Passed away in Tuscon, AZ on July 5, 2005
Married to Beatrice Khagi on January 19, 1950


Arif Merani
Arif MeraniSon, Brother
Born in St. Catharines, Ontario on November 13, 1990
Passed away in Kingston, Ontario on October 15, 2013
Ford Reddick
Ford ReddickHusband, Father, Grandfather, Uncle, Brother and Friend
Born in Mille Roches, Ontario, Canada on June 28, 1925
Passed away in Fort Erie, Ontario on Oct 28, 2014
Steve Mannella
Steve MannellaSon, Brother, Uncle and Friend
Born in Welland, Ontario, Canada on January 15, 1959
Passed away in Welland, Ontario on Feb 2, 2000

Danielle Servos
Danielle ServosDaughter, Sister, Granddaughter and Friend
Born May 17, 1996
Passed away in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on April 23, 2017

Frank Lostracco
Frank LostraccoSon, Brother, Father and Friend
Born Dec. 19, 1960
Passed away in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada on Mar. 28, 2018