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Dani was a graduate of Saint Paul Catholic High School and most recently attended Niagara College.  She had worked at the Fruit Shack in Niagara-on-the-Lake and had a passion for hockey.  She was a dedicated hockey player for the Hamilton Hawks.  Dani’s infectious smile and zest for life will be fondly remembered by all who knew her.

  • Born: May 17, 1996

  • Passed away in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on April 23, 2017

  • Daughter of Harry and Sally Servos

  • Sister of Judy Marie, Kelly and Christopher

  • Granddaughter of Eileen Servos.  Predeceased by her grandparents Donald Servos, Doris and Claude Anselm


Danielle Servos

Danielle Servos
Danielle Servos Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter and Friend
“The quality of a daughter can be seen in the goals, dreams and aspirations she sets not only for herself, but for her family and friends.” – Anonymous

TrulyApart of my heart

  • Though your smile is gone forever,
    And your hand we cannot touch,
    Still we have so many memories,
    Of the ones we loved so much.
    Your memory is our keepsake,
    With which we’ll never part,
    God has you in His keeping,
    We have you in our hearts.

One of the best memories I have with my little sister, heading into NYC. This is how I want to remember her, we laughed so much on that day. She put a smile on everyone’s face with her endless antics. My heart is broken and it will never be fixed, I could really use some of her signature comedy right now. Danielle Servos   

There are no words to describe the heartbreak of losing your best friend. Danielle was without a doubt the most positive, uplifting, free-spirited, kindest most forgiving soul in this entire world. She had an energy like no other. I was absolutely beyond blessed to have had such a beautiful person in my life. She was family. If there’s one thing she taught me it’s how to battle adversity with a smile. Hard to believe she was driving me to the airport just 5 short days ago and she won’t be there to pick me up. We assume because we’re young that we have all the time in the world. Danielle’s radiance and positive light will forever shine in my life and all the lives of those who loved her and had the honour of knowing her. I hope everyone in this world gets to meet their danielle- the person who can make them laugh in even the darkest of times. If you’re reading this, I ask you one thing. If you’re in a room with your best friends right now, give them a hug and tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you. Hold onto them so tight. Text and call the people you love and let them know how special they are, because when the time comes around you’ll always wish you did. You’ll always wish you had more time. Rest easy you beautiful girl, I’ll see you again ?and as I wish I said to you just two nights ago- I love you. Forever my best friend ❤️

Heaven gained the most beautiful soul and the most precious angel.
Words cannot describe how heartbroken and shocked I am to have lost such an incredible person in my life. You have taught me so much about friendship, love and life. You were by far the most positive, uplifting person that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Your passions and positive outlook on life was unmeasurable. I will forever hold our memories and unforgettable times together. I miss you beyond measures, and will always hold you close to my heart. For those many lives that you have touched, will forever have the most beautiful guardian angel. Until we meet again beautiful
I love you Danielle,
may you forever rest in peace. ❤️

Surreal to say goodbye to such a vivacious, charismatic and infectiously optimistic friend so young- anyone who had the pleasure of knowing and loving Danielle knows just how brightly she shone. Within the heartbreak, I find comfort in the incredible adventures I’ve shared with you and the love that you left behind. Rest easy beautiful

I am forever grateful for the impact that Danielle’s life had on my own. There will forever be a void in my heart as no one could ever replicate the understanding, loving, humorous and selfless person that she was.
At thirteen, Danielle was the first ever co worker I had become a best friend. We may not have remained co workers throughout the rest of my teenaged years, but that didn’t separate us in one bit as friends.
The adventures Dani took me on and fun times we shared is something I’ll look back on fondly, but what I will treasure the most is the way she was always there for me. I will miss the phone calls, car rides and ice cream dates where Dani listened to me without judgement and was always there to support me, no matter what I was going through. She never saw the low points in her friends life’s as a nuisance, only as an opportunity to help bring them back up. She was the type of friend that brought so much light and adventure to my life during the good times and stayed there for me during the difficult ones, doing whatever she could to make me feel better. There was nothing it seemed she wanted more than for the people around her to feel happy, and she more often than not succeeded in doing so no matter the circumstances.
Her ability to empathize and help others find strength in adversity, even when it didn’t relate to her, was a characteristic I will always admire and one of the many ways Danielle’s memory will continue to inspire me. Dani only ever had love to give to me and the rest of the world in a capacity that is rare to find in a person.
Danielle, I love you so much and I am the luckiest girl in the world to have had you as a best friend. I promise not a day in my life will go by without me thinking of you. Thank you for being exactly who you were and watching over me now. Rest in peace, to the most beautiful angel.


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You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.

Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure.
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