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Arif Merani

Arif was an aspiring lawyer who was currently in his last year at Carleton University. He was to graduate with an Honours Degree in Law in December 2013. Arif was a dedicated fan of the San Francisco 49ers and the Toronto Raptors.
  • Born in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada on November 13, 1990

  • Passed away in Kingston, Ontario on October 15, 2013
  • Loving Son of Moe and Nazlin
  • Loving brother to Aleem

Arif Merani

Arif Merani
Arif Merani Son, Brother, Friend
“I miss your smile, I miss your laughter but most of all I miss you! The love I have will never change as each day goes by I will love you till the day I die.” – Anonymous

TrulyApart of my heart

The day Arif went to his eternal home to GOD, October 15th, 2013 was the worst day of our lives. I miss you every single second, I miss your beautiful smile, I miss your presence, I miss your sarcastic comments, I miss your thoughts, I miss your actions, I miss your advice, I miss your hugs, I miss your chest five’s like basketball players, I miss everything about you. Arif, what I miss about you the most, is you giving me fatherly advice, you being my friend and you being like a brother to me that I never had, talking about how you wanted to change the world by being a Lawyer, and helping all the abused women and fighting for justice for the Aboriginal people and their rights. And now you’re gone. Our family was complete, and now a part of us all is missing. Arif, you were our true blessing from GOD. You were my blessing.
Now that you have gone home to your true destination, I have mixed emotions my love.
On the Fatherly side, I can’t stand being on this earth anymore, and I am also dying a slow death every second, as I ask GOD to fast forward my life, so I can be with you again till eternity. Then on the flip side of this comes happiness. Yes my beloved son Arif. I am very happy for you, as you are now home with GOD in his infinite mercy. You don’t have to go through any physical pains in life, like we do, no more worries about paying bills, no more worries about driving through a winter storm, and no more studying to be the best damn Lawyer in the Country. Yes Arif, my beloved baby, you are now home where you belong.
I am ever so grateful to the Almighty GOD that you came in our families’ lives as my son and gave us 22 years with you, to love you, to support you, to smile and laugh with you, and to learn from each other on how to be.
You are at your Eternal home now, and soon I will be meeting you, BETA. My love, my friend. How I miss you. We will be together soon till Eternity.
  • Proud
  • Loving
  • Family

Arif , my friend, my neighbour but most importantly my brother. It has been a couple of years since you moved on, but I think about you every single day. On my phone, my display picture is the one of me scoring my first professional goal with the under shirt remembering you. I look at my phone at least ten times/hour and every single time remember your legacy. It is difficult to put into words, how much you truly meant to me. I know you’re in a better place and looking over all of us from the top.
Your brother,

Love you forever Arif

Arif Merani, my mentor, my friend, and my brother. You were a very unique individual making you an amazing person. You always made me laugh; whenever you were present the atmosphere was amazing and enjoyable. I thank you so much for having such a great impact on my life and the other hundreds of people you managed to touch and for that I am thankful. You will forever be remembered as my mentor, my friend and my brother. I miss you and I love you Arif.


After scoring in the 68th minute, Opare lifted his shirt to reveal a “R.I.P. Arif” message to honor Merani

Kofi Opare

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You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.

Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure.
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