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Bob Kaster

  • Born in Long Beach, CA on Aug. 8, 1945
  • Passed away in Tuscon, AZ on July 5, 2014
  • Married to Sandra on January 19, 1967 Lee
  • Loving Father of Jennifer (Adam)
  • Dearest Grandfather of Jordan and Breena

Bob Kaster

Bob Kaster
Bob KasterPhotographer
“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

TrulyApart of my heart

Bob Kaster was an engineering whiz as a youngster and started a computer building business while in college. He later found his passion working with an environmental company in Phoenix. His work consisted of recycling old technology products and ways to help reduce waste in disposal sites across the United States. On his spare time he enjoyed photography and produced Maps of the World for educational purposes. His footprint remains as a passionate person who cared for the environment both as a waste management representative and as a builder of World Maps for education.
  • Friendly
  • Humble
  • Generous
If my math is right, I tell more than 100 stories a year to family on each special occasion of the year. I met Bob in my senior year of high school and we were married a year and a half later. Our dedication — and our fights over paint colors, money and household chores — grew as we started our life together as husband and wife. Then, because living with one person isn’t complicated enough, we added children. Bob will be remembered today and every day.
How can I say a few words that do justice to all of the years of love and strength that Dad gave us? I hope that the real tribute to Dad will be the actions of my (our) lives — that we are a testament to the love and lessons that he instilled in us all!
Papa has the most genuine, honest heart of anyone I know. He always put his family first. It’s difficult to put into words what an amazing grandfather he was in every way possible. I feel like he always had a vision of making the best life possible for his family, and that’s what he has done.

Papa has the most genuine , honest heart of anyone I know.

I feel like he always had a vision of making the best life possible for his family and that’s what he has done!

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He was always generous with his time, helping us create precious memories.

He always had a bright contagious smile and a very comforting demeanor.
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