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86,400 Seconds | Thought Of You Today

Nothing compares to the beauty and delicate nature of the cherry blossom with its soft gentle hue of pink or white. It is no wonder that it mesmerizes us in the spring when the cherry trees are in full bloom.

In Japan, Hanami is an important Japanese custom that dates back to more than a thousand years where aristocrats marveled at the infinite beauty of the cherry blossoms and wrote poetry outdoors. Nowadays, in Japan, this pastime is not restricted to the elite and many Japanese families gather under blooming cherry trees to view the flowers, spend time in each other’s company and relax while enjoying picnics. Cherry blossom viewing has spread outside of Japan to annual festivals in Canada (Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia) and USA (Washington D.C. and Macon, Georgia).

The cherry blossom symbolizes life in all its glory and beauty but tragically, it also reminds us that life has a time limit. Let us all remember that as much as we marvel at the simplistic beauty of the cherry blossom, we must take the time to marvel at our life on earth. We must live life to its fullest, appreciate all the many beauties surrounding us, enjoy it with family and friends and fill it with food, drink and music.

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